Complete Job Cost Accounting and

Warranty Management Software for

Builders, Developers and Remodelers


The core Comet2017 package includes the Job Cost, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Bank Reconciliation modules to get you off to a great start in organizing your financials.  As your business needs grow, you can use all of the additional modules that are built right in, including Purchase Order, Accounts Receivable (Invoicing) or Warranty Management.


Software Features:

- Multi-company capability - up to 99 companies

- Multi-user network support

- Password security at function level

- Export reports to PDF, Excel or Word documents

- Reports may be directed to the screen or printer automatically

- Detail and summary reports at the touch of a button

- Drill-Down reports allow you to see details behind the numbers


"As a satisfied customer for over twenty-plus years, we would highly recommend the Comet software to any builder or developer eager to control job costs and maximize their productivity and profits."


Terri Jones

Hyland Developers, Inc.



Accounts Payable

The A/P module includes an extensive vendor tracking system that tracks your worker's compensation and general liability insurance information and expiration dates.  The open item aging reports, year-to-date purchases, 1099s and detail check history are just a few of the reporting features included.  more...


Job Cost

The primary features begin with the simplicity, flexibility and quickness of setting up new job records.  The module  includes summary estimating by cost code and draw schedule functionality, along with lien waiver generation for your subs and suppliers.  A wide variety of job cost reports provide you with many decision-making tools for cost monitoring and future cost controls.  more...


General Ledger

The General Ledger provides summary financial information when needed, with detail information just a simple mouse-click away.  Each company has a separate chart of accounts that can be built from a default chart of accounts or copied from another company. You can print the financial statements in a variety of formats, as well as set up supporting schedules to provide more detailed information used in the analysis of Balance Sheet and Income Statement accounts.  As needed, each job is tracked by work-in-process, earnest money received, loan draws made, construction revenue and cost of construction.  When a job is closed, click a single “Closed” button and the proper accounting entries are made for you automatically.  more...


Purchase Order

Purchase orders provide the ultimate control of jobs, suppliers and subcontractors.  This module includes the tools necessary to quickly and efficiently instruct subcontractors and suppliers as to the products and services you need and when.  Prices and quantities of material are confirmed in writing.  Detailed instructions help eliminate finger-pointing and save you money.  more...


Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module (invoicing/billing module) allows easy entry and tracking of invoices and payments for your customers.  Simple invoice entry features are included that allow you to generate detailed cost-plus invoices or summary invoices on demand.  Reporting options include invoicing, summary and detail aging reports, billing reports by job, payments by job and monthly statements.  more...


Warranty Management

Tracks service calls, repair orders and warranty expiration dates.  You can assign work orders to suppliers, subcontractors, or employees, as they are entered.  Reporting options include work order and service call schedules.  The W/M module interfaces with the Job Cost module automatically.  more...