Comet2015 - Accounts Payable Module Features

The Accounts Payable module is fully integrated with the Job Cost, Purchase Order and General Ledger modules.  Extensive vendor tracking includes insurance information and expiration dates, phone numbers, email addresses, year-to-date purchases and 1099 information.  Detailed aging reports show up to the minute detailed information at your fingertips.


- Fast, efficient invoice entry screen.

- Multi-User invoice entry screen.

- Automatic worker's compensation expiration warning.

- Automatic general liability insurance expiration warning.

- Duplicate invoices rejected automatically.

- Each invoice can have unlimited distributions.

- Simple void check and void invoice routines.

- Warning for over charges on committed contract prices.

- Automatic warning when purchase exceeds your job cost estimate.

- Automatic warning of missing 1099 and social security information for your subs.

- Invoices can be entered and posted in real time or in batches.

- Allows flexible payment terms.

- Default terms file comes with the software and can be customized to suit your needs.

- Automatically displays job-to-date costs and the over/under estimated costs.

- Bank reconciliation program.

Check Writing Features

- Payment selection by vendor or invoice.

- Printed checks in vendor number or vendor name sequence.

- Laser checks, either single or multi-part checks with detail voucher.

- Print overflow detail on plain paper to avoid wasting expensive check stock.

- Recurring charges option allows you to set up once and pay automatically.

- Unlimited number of checking accounts.

- Discounts and worker's compensation are calculated automatically.

- Voided check audit trail.


Reporting Features

- Vendor phone book

- Worker's compensation insurance expiration reporting.

- General liability insurance expiration reporting.

- 1099 form printing.

- Open item aging, in summary or detailed formats.

- Cash flow forecast.

- Weekly cash requirements.

- Purchases journal provides daily audit trail.

- Cost over estimate report shows daily overcharges.

- Check registers can be printed in detailed or summary versions, by vendor or by job.

- Vendor year-to-date purchases.