Comet2015 - General Ledger Module Features

The General Ledger module is the core of the software.  All of the accounting modules in the software interface with the General Ledger, allowing access to up-to-the-minute detailed financial information so that your day-to-day decisions are faster and smarter.  It delivers what you need, when you need it. 


- Security features allow controlled access to various functions.

- Unlimited number of years can be retained.

- Prior period entries allowed at any time during the year. 

- Ability to print financials for any prior period.

- User-defined chart of accounts or a default chart is provided.

- NAHB recommended chart of accounts is included (short version and long version).

- Full year comparative or budgetary Income Statement options. 

- New accounts can be added on-the-fly at any time.

- Maintain complete audit trails of all transactions and adjustments.

- Provides inquiry to examine balance history by month and transaction detail.

- Financials include percentage variances of total sales and percent of change.

- Tracks work-in-process, earnest money, construction loans, cost of construction and construction revenue by job.

- When setting up or closing jobs in Job Cost, the general ledger is updated automatically for you.

- Account lookup by name or account number.


Reporting Features

- All reporting is date sensitive, so financials can be run daily, if needed.

- Allows a date range selection of trial balance and general ledger reports.

- Journal entry list

- Trial balance

- General ledger detail

- Balance sheet

- Net change balance sheet

- Income statement

- Supporting schedules

- Comparative income statement

- Budgetary income statement