Comet2015 - Job Cost Module Features

Primary features of the Job Cost module begin with simplicity, flexibility, and quickness of setting up new job cost records.  Once preliminary job files are set up, an automatic job setup feature will allow you to set up additional jobs in a matter of minutes.  Cost dollars and units can be entered directly to the job cost files or automatically passed from the Accounts Payable or Payroll modules.  A wide variety of reports provide management with decision-making tools for current job cost monitoring and future cost controls.  The Job Cost module allows you to categorize jobs into logical groups that are custom-fit for your specific needs.


- User-defined job cost categories

- Ability to maintain up to 100,000 jobs

- Ability to copy estimates or actual costs from one job to another

- Ability to import estimates from Excel, ProEst or other detailed material databases

- Ability to export estimates to Excel

- Track change orders for each job by cost phase

- Setup and maintain custom construction loan draw schedules

- Generate lien waivers and draw requests (up to 12 draws)

- Historical cost estimating

- Track quantities of material and labor hours

- Special entry screen for lot closings, home closings, loan draws, cash receipts and equipment cost allocations

- Accounts payable automatically captures and transfers costs and units of material to the job cost database.


Reporting Features

- Over 75 job cost reports available

- Drill-Down report features in most commonly used job cost reports

- Job costs by phase, materials, subcontractor or labor

- Projected final costs summary

- Job costs per square foot

- Job cost comparison allows comparing up to seven similar jobs and shows average costs.

- Job-to-date detail for all cost items

- Vendor audit report in detailed or summary formats

- Construction loan draw status

- Billings versus costs-to-date

-Job cost by job plan

- Job-to-date detail graphs

- Many, many more!