Comet2015 - Purchase Order Module Features

The Purchase Order module provides complete control over your purchases and integrates fully with the Accounts Payable and Job Cost modules in the software.  As purchase order receipts are entered, the Accounts Payable files are updated automatically to eliminate manual entries.  The price book included with the software provides a default list of material items.  These items can easily be modified and new items can be added as needed to conform to your specific type of construction.


As Price Book items are entered, the description and unit price are recalled, but may be manually overridden.  As purchase orders are accepted and printed, the software tracks the status of each purchase order and each line item.  When prices vary or are unknown, a quote request can be printed, faxed, or emailed to your supplier.



- Easy-to-use purchase order entry screen

- Multiple professional PO formats included

- Ability to copy, print, delete or void purchase orders

- Track purchase orders by number, date, vendor or job

- Quickly copy POs from one job to another

- Automatically updates Accounts Payable invoice data to eliminate manual entry of invoices

- Quote request form


Reporting Features

- Purchase order register by project, job or vendor

- Purchase orders billed-to-date by project, job or vendor

- Variance report in detailed or summary formats

-Open purchase order listing by project, job or vendor

- Purchase order schedule listing

- Purchase order estimate listing