Comet2015 - Warranty Management Module Features

This module makes you the hero with new homeowners and subcontractors.  Once a job is sold, the warranty management module retrieves the job cost information required for tracking warranty expiration dates and warranty service calls ("punch list").  The information tracked includes detailed information about the owner, including address, phone number, spouse, directions to house, personal notes about owner, etc.



- Tracks all client details including primary and secondary contact, address, phone and fax numbers .

- Tracks warranty expiration dates.

- Easy entry of punch list or work items

- Allows free-format description of any reported warranty items.

- Assign unlimited work items to any subcontractor or internal employee.

- Email work orders directly to your subcontractors or employees.

- Integrates automatically with the Job Cost and Accounts Payable modules or it can run as a stand-alone product.


Reporting Features

- Reporting by vendor, job, or customer contact in summary or detailed formats.

- Detailed lists of work orders and work items

- Detailed schedule of work items to be completed, based on requested work dates.

- Vendor analysis report shows average number of days required to complete assigned work items.

- Charge back report that can be used to enter charge backs into A/P.